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Handcrafted Terracotta Coffee Mug

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A Constant Burden Left Unnoticed, But Not Any More

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Time to unclutter your own existence

Let me tell you a true story of two couples. They live in a house that needs no fans; even when it is a blistering 40 degrees outside. They let their land bloom and bear like a forest, without any interference. They have created a life close to nature. Moreover, the best benefit, they have not had to take any medicines in the last 17 years!


A toxic lifestyle

It is absolutely an open secret that we fail everyday to handle our garbage properly. Recent incident in Bangalore regarding garbage disposal might set an alarm to the society.


Living naturally made possible at Earthen Living

We live in an edge of incredible innovation. Technology allows us to access the entire world’s information from a computer that fits into our pocket. Doctors can suggest you medicine to your specific DNA.


Your convenience is harming someone

Plastic is definitely the Super Hero when it comes to make life more convenient. We might find good plastic, bad plastic, food grade plastic, reusable plastic, recycled plastic but after all plastic is plastic. And to make plastic it requires oils. It is estimated that to make 30 million plastic bags it requires 12 million barrels of oil per year in US itself;