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In recent years, the massive increase in data volumes and the variety of sources have talked about the concept of Customer Profiling . The marketers view this as an opportunity to boost sales. It is a complex and expensive process to access an individual customer's buying patterns across multiple platforms from different locations at various points for a single business. Part of the Big Data initiative is to connect the dots. And embed the digital data residing in profuse mediums and platforms into one single place.

Do you find it hard to understand?

Well, let us explain it from a customer's point of view!

Did you notice when you search for a product or service on Search Engines or eCommerce websites, you keep getting promotional ads for the same product or services on other websites across the internet and across a range of devices you use on the internet. We are sure you have experienced it. Since you have experienced it, this introduces an effect of the Big Data Challenge.

Let us explain it further in detail.

You might have noticed once you have done so, no matter what website you visit later, Always you will find the same product or service ads popping out, flashing out, peeping out, and more to integrate you to buy the same. If you change the device or Internet Service Provider, these advertisements and promotions do not leave you to follow.

Some users take this as an advantage and convenience. However, most don't understand that they are losing their privacy. Here the big data comes into the picture. Most eCommerce companies use big data to capture and store customer's preferences, needs, contact details, likes, dislikes, age, sex, locations, and many more data. They use the behavioral pattern to influence and to make confusion and leaves to purchase without a consciousness.

You might feel happy with your purchase. Remember, after buying such products time and again, you aren't their customer anymore. You are one of their products to run their experiment extracting more than adequate data for purchase and influence you further with more products and services that are very tempting. We agree this might build communication much better to increase the level of customer satisfaction. But we also strongly agree that big data cannot consider the emotional factor of the buyers.

At the Earthen Store, we do not capture customer's buying behaviors. All we do, a call from a fixed no. We want to ensure you are satisfied with the overall purchase and you do not find any issue with the product or services. We always listen to our customers and try to endow together. It gives both of us immense satisfaction to stay connected on to one basis.