About Earthen Store

We help everyone discover the joy of sustainable life.

Earthen Store is an ethical online marketplace. We promote only ethical products produced by sustainable processes.

Earthen Store works with only Ethical Brands, People with Passion, Working Mothers, Women Entrepreneurs, Hardworking Farmers, Small Artisans, and many more.

Online Marketplace

Every Organic and Natural brand wants to project their products differently when everything looks the same in the wrap of fancy packaging. The FMCG culture in India can control the behavior of Indian consumers. And now we are trying the reverse the same through Earthen Store.

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The Earthen Store is a unique tech platform with absolute ethical business practices. It enables us to bring organic producers and consumers together in one place for a better tomorrow. The aim is to protect air, water, soil, and humans by promoting only curated organic and natural products for daily necessities. It is helping us to build a Natural and Organic Online Marketplace (NatOrg Marketplace) and start an ethical and sustainable eco-system culture in India.

Know your Product Better

A shopping website designed to give you a unique experience. Promoting natural and organic brands is the best way to ensure customers know more about the brands and the organic products before buying.

Ad. Free Shopping Experience

A shopping website without display advertisements. Earthen Store does not run ads on the www.earthenstore.com website.

Partner Portal for Brand Sellers

We understand that sellers are not tech savvy. So, the Earthen Store Partner portal is designed to manage inventory, sales, and other activities by anyone with no effort and prior knowledge.

Integrated Full Stake Back Office System

We have a full stack and fully functional integrated back office system to ensure smooth operation. The back-office system works without any third-party integration.

Secured Payment Gateway

We have integrated SSL & PCI compliance payment gateway to ensure the customer can make payments with various secured options. Available payment options are credit card, Debit card, Paytm Wallet, Bank Transfer, NEFT, and UPI.

Ethical Reviews & Genuine Question & Answer

Only Earthen Customers are allowed to write product reviews. Our reviews are 100% genuine. However, if you have any questions regarding a product, you can ask the manufacturer or product experts. And they will respond to you. No one else will be able to answer you.

Integrated Survey

Taking feedback is the best way to know the expectation and which area needs improvement. Often this task is assigned to third-party service providers. Company X conducts a satisfaction survey by sharing a link to company Y. It is needless to say, it is a horrible practice.

At Earthen Store, all our surveys are conducted on the shopping site i.e. https://www.earthenstore.com/. We have a fully integrated survey system to ensure not only your data is protected, but also genuinely we value your feedback.

Integrated Contest for Free Giveaways

Earthen Store Offers a great way to use knowledge to win free giveaways by participating in Earthen Contents. It is fun and engaging for kids too. All the contests run on the Earthen Store website.