What products are accepted at Earthen Store for Selling and Buying?

At Earthen Store, we strictly promote ethical products produced by a sustainable process. We firmly believe, it is the buyer's and the seller's rights to know the product selection process and criteria at Earthen Living. A big part of the selection criteria is to evaluate the founders, stakeholders, and the people around the product and business. 

Following are the core product selection criteria at Earthen Store.

Ethicality: There are no specified parameters. It is what you believe and practices. At Earthen living, we want to ensure you take this parameter seriously because it is part of the Earthen Store Legal Partnership Agreement.

Following are the few core ethical parameters that you must follow

  1. "No Child Labor" in any part of the production process.
  2. "Pay Fair Wage" across the organization.
  3. Reduce pollution levels from the air, water, and soil.
  4. Allow tourism to the production house/ firms or warehouses.

Sustainability: Sustainability means meeting needs without compromising the ability of the next generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is not just environmentalism. It is embedded with social and economical development and growth. Keep your sustainability plan ready.

Organic Certificate: There are various organic certificates available across the globe. To be more specific, every country has one or multiple organic certificate labels available to allow producers to promote their products under the organic labels. Particularly, the food and beverage industry uses these certificates to promote their products as certified organic to end customers. At Earthen Living, currently, we accept the following organic certificates label.



Country of Authority





The National Organic Program (NOP)



Europäisches Bio-Siegel



Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)



Agence Bio for Organic food


Note: We accept products that are produced by Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) method. For more information, write to us at info@earthenliving.in or call us on +91.704.718.5168

Natural Products: Any product that is produced by bio-based materials we accept as a natural product. However, the product must be in line with the product categories too. A detailed description of the product helps us to know your product better. Pay attention when you write the product description.

Eco-friendly Products: Environmentally friendly products are the ones that cause minimal environmental degradation, and their production process is directly linked with the environment and considering its impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Handicrafts Products: An individual artisan (No Organization) hand-crafting product that can be used as part of daily life or as a decorative article using natural resources or eco-friendly resources is accepted as Handicrafts Products at Earthen Store.