Why Earthen Store?

Try ethical products produced by sustainable process.

Non Toxic

If you want to give a Safe and Healthy Home to your kids and family, you must replace all artificial plastic items you use in any form. This might be as small as a door mat or as big as your bed sheet. All you can find at Earthen Store.

Encouragement is Power

Every Craft product displayed here is crafted by niche artisans across India. They not only just put their love and passion to it but also fight their fate and life every day to ensure they stand and live well for themselves and kids too.

Healthy Home

Many of the issues at Home & Kitchen are often ignored whether it is a toxic chemical in cleaning products or a floor mat that emits toxic fumes and pollutes the indoor air. Earthen Store is working hard to bring innovative eco-friendly alternatives to help our customers to make their home safe & Healthy.


End of product lifestyle is something that we do not even think which causes landfill causing multiple environmental issues around the world. Bio-degradable makes it easy and that breaks down quickly and can be used as some type of compost when needed.

Improves Artisan's Life

Vote with your money to encourage thousands of skilled artisans who are now struggling to even earn their livelihood due to mass production of products that we can buy at any market.

Eco-friendly Products

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Brands to Love

Try the products and fall in love with it

Earthen Crafts

Rustic Art


Using Consciousness as a Weapon

With a few small steps it's easy to start your journey to become a Conscious Consumer

Suddenly cooking has new meaning

A natural living of life starts with good food and the process of preparing the food. We are trying to highlight some of the basic cooking preparation tips which will make your prepared food safe. Earthen Living wants to introduce some of the basic cooking tools we use in our kitchen regular basis.


Neem Wood Comb

Hair Comb is one extremely essential personal care item in everyone’s life. They are being used from prehistoric times; the traces of using hair combs even have been found 5000 years before in Persia. Days have changed & with that types & materials of combs have also altered. Now they are made with plastic, metal or wood.


Natural Beeswax Candles

We understand Beeswax Candles are expensive and apart from their feel good factor, we must need to know the value to the much bigger price tags. Here we present top 10 comparisons between Natural Beeswax Candles & Paraffin Candles.


Cancer: What you need to know

All of a sudden life shows you a dead end where you are left alone without your friends and supporting family; then you try to find a way to pay bills, many more financial and social security of family members. You may have cancer but still you have a life to lead, friends to see, family who need you, people to love. READ MORE