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More than last 5 years, Earthen Living LLP has served as a go-to resource for almost everything in your life, bringing you immediate solutions and trusted, expert advice. Even we went against all odds to bring India’s best of the best Organic and Natural product producers, be it Grocery, Personal Care or Clothing. Making profit has never been our center point since we started our business.

When we live in a society, it is highly inspired by an individual lifestyle and that we do in our daily life.

We can help you to keep your to-do list manageable, and find inspiring-but-easy changes to make in your Home, your Wardrobe, your Beauty Routine, and in Lifestyle. We also sprinkle inspiring stories, funny anecdotes, and lots of pretty pictures to fill your Pinterest boards with. Our philosophy is simple: Life should be full of pleasures, not chores.

It is our endeavor to bring out the genuine information which helps you to be more knowledgeable. And this knowledge will help you to take the right decision towards a Sustainable Living.

Organic Living eMagazine has been introduced as an initiative to share information regarding various issues in our society and also to provide Ethical and Sustainable solutions towards the problems.

Earthen Living LLP already has a blog where we started posting about various issues with facts and figures & we have already received lots of appreciations across the globe. In order to spread the wellness across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites we have decided to bring an eMagazine quarterly and share the same with our followers, customers and if possible with friends and family members. The intention is not to fully commercialize it but to ensure we should share more of goodness with others; so that we all live a conscious life for a better tomorrow.

This planet is not only for those people who make money to buy anything and everything. For a moment if you closely have a look at this current society system then you will realise, for a luxury of few the mass majority suffer in many ways. Centralization of capital has made it possible for Giant companies to bend the Laws and Regulations; for example, most of the privately run companies sell products to consumers giving an impression through their fancy advertisements that their products are the best. If you use it you will become like this or that. At present we do not want to take names of those companies but once you get to know how our daily life can be made checmical free then you will see how customers are betrayed. Not just that, from a humanity ground I personally do not want to use or recommend any product produced by Unethical Practices. But if we do not talk about it more openly how we will get to know about this.

Organic Living eMagazine is one platform where we would like to highlight various aspects of human life and how the daily essential products can be brought from this Earth. In line with our mission, we would ensure we put all possible efforts to protect the Air, Water, Soil and Human.

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