Earthen Seller's Frequently Asked Questions

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Selling on Earthen Store is easy. First, you need to apply for a Partnership and get Approval. During the approval process, you need to provide your Company’s, Brand’s, and Organic or Natural Product’s information. Post that we’ll prepare your Product Catalog with the approved products that you wish to promote and sell on Earthen Store Marketplace. The customer finds your product(s) and makes a purchase. You will receive a notification to ship the product. You deliver the product to the customer and confirm your shipment. Earthen Store will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting their fees.

At present you can sell items in the following categories:

Environment-Friendly Apparel, Organic and Natural Baby Products, Organic and Natural Beauty Products, Organic Beverages, Organic Certified Food and Groceries, Natural and Eco-friendly Home Décor, Eco-friendly Housekeeping Products, Eco-friendly and Safe Kitchen Tools, Organic and Natural Personal Care, Non-Toxic Toys, Wooden Toys. Please note that every category is restricted and requires prior approval before you can start selling or promoting your products.

Following are the steps to get registered…

  • Apply Online
  • Sign the Agreement
  • Add Products
  • Go Live

We charge you when you get an order.

You are free to cancel anytime. In case you want to cancel the partnership within a year, then you must pay out the cataloging charges.

Earthen Living LLP will disburse payments directly to your Bank Account once a month. The payment Cycle starts from the 1st to the last day of the month and payout on every 7th of the consecutive month.

No; you can’t list your products yourself. Once the approval for your company and products is done you sit back and relax. Earthen Store Back Office Team will take care of this. As and when required they will touch back with you to look for the information they need. Once it is done then you can log in to your Partner Portal Account to check and verify the same.

When any customer purchases your product(s) on Earthen Store Organic Marketplace, you will get an email alert on your registered Order POC (Point of Contact) Email ID. Also, the Earthen Store Back Office team will call you to remind the same if we do not get any response within the first 24 hours of time. For more details check the Earthen Store Partner Portal Guide.

Yes. Earthen Living LLP takes all types of precautions to ensure uttermost safety against any fraudulent orders. Every Month Earthen Store cleans up the suspicious customer registrations. We have tied up with a recognized company (for security reasons we can not disclose the name) in order to predict automatically any fraudulent transaction that may occur in any order.

Yes, of course, you can. Just call us on +91-7047.1851.68

Yes. We are the first company to emphasize Ethical Business Practices. Every customer will know that they are purchasing from whom. On every product page on Earthen Store complete overview of products, brands, and legal company names are clearly mentioned. On top of that, your brand logo would be presented on every product page with your clear product images.

Yes. Customers can leave feedback and we take customer’s feedback very seriously. To maintain a high product quality; service standard is a critical factor for success on Earthen Store Organic Marketplace. It is the best way for the customer to identify you as a trustworthy Organic or Natural brand.