Please read the following Merchant additional terms and conditions ("Terms of Business") carefully before availing any of the services offered by Earthen Living LLP. The “Merchant Agreement” has already set out the legally binding terms and conditions for use of the website at (the "online marketplace") and all the services provided by Earthen Living LLP. However, these additional terms and conditions are set to follow an ethical transaction practice in business.

  1. Complete the on-boarding registration processes & documentation before promoting any product at
  2. Presenting valid GST & other necessary documents as required to sell any product under the following categories… 
    Apparel and Fashion, Personal Care, Lifestyle Products, Home Décor, Fruits and Vegetables, Food & Beverages, Toys and Games, Indian Handicrafts
  3. Presenting the Organic Certificates and other compliance related documents as and when required. 
  4. Refrain from calling customers directly for any reason without prior written permission from Earthen Living. 
  5. Refrain from any future transaction with any of our customers outside platform.

  1. Do not encourage or appoint any child labour in any operational part of your business.
  2. Always pay fair remuneration/wages to all your employees/workers/farmers/artisans.
  3. All products promoted at should be “100% Organic Certified” or “100% Natural” or “Compostable” or “100% Eco-friendly” and “Biodegradable”.
  4. All products promoted at should be “Made in India” or “Make in India”;
  5. Refrain from promoting imported products.

  1. Provide the “Production Process” and the “Quality Control” information for every product.
  2. Provide details of the raw materials used in every individual product.
  3. Make sure plastic parts are not used in any product. In case you are using such, justify why it is required and make sure that it will not harm the consumers in any manner. 

  1. If you choose to deliver the products directly to the end customers then use Earthen Store branded external packaging boxes/envelopes to wrap the product without fail. 
  2. Make sure to attach “Dispatch Note” copy provided by Earthen Living to each parcel before shipping it to the customer.

  1. Earthen Living can remove any product listing at any point of time without any prior notice.
  2. Earthen Living can edit any product image for better brand value integration without any notice.
  3. Earthen Living can use any product image for marketing and promotional purposes of product