Why Earthen Store?

Try ethical products produced by sustainable process.

Organic Ingredients

No artificial colours and corrosive chemicals are used, mainly Parabens free; that’s what you should apply on your skin when you use personal care products from Earthen Store. We choose products looking at the product’s raw materials procurement details.

All Ingredients Disclosed

Here at Earthen Store we invite sellers to take a stand and disclose all the ingredients used in every product they make for consumers. So even before you buy the product you get to know well about that brand and all the ingredients used.

Natural Personal Care

Toxic Loads and Animal Testing are the two most major issues and they are often hidden from the customers. Here at Earthen Store we bring beauty brands and curated products that are completely safe and made with certified Organic Ingredients.


Vegan skin care products contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin, which is definitely beneficial to our skin when applied daily and over time.

Cruelty Free

The animals used in experiments are not only confined to small cages and inhumane conditions, but they’re also subjected to tests that are beyond cruelty. They’re tortured, maimed, blinded, and ultimately killed. They’re essentially bred to live a life of fear and suffering.

Natural Personal Care

Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera Soap - 100 GMS

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Brands to Love

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Rustic Art

Nature Touch

Using Consciousness as a Weapon

With a few small steps it's easy to start your journey to become a Conscious Consumer

Why is Natural & Organic Skin Care Better?

Human being is the best beautiful creature ever possible in the universe. Human is the only living piece in the planet and probably in the universe who would like to get dressed up to look beautiful. Historians can trace beauty products and cosmetics back to 4,000 BC and the ancient Egyptians who used Kohl to create dramatic eyes.


Cancer: What you need to know

All of a sudden life shows you a dead end where you are left alone without your friends and supporting family; then you try to find a way to pay bills, many more financial and social security of family members. You may have cancer but still you have a life to lead, friends to see, family who need you, people to love.


Demand for Organic Products Keeps Rising?

It is very important for us to understand that the conventional agriculture practice in use today is inducing harmful chemicals & fertilisers into our food chain. As a result, the consumers and farmers are suffering from numerous long term diseases and ailments. Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in farming is not at all a sustainable path for farmers.


Organic Shampoo

First of all the regular shampoo from the market with harsh chemicals like Paraben, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Triclosan etc are out of our question. You might have understood that these branded shampoos will be for no good. So we will see what other alternatives we have on natural and organic segment. READ MORE