Why Earthen Store?

Try ethical products produced by sustainable process.

Certified Organic

At Earthen Store every moment we ensure our customers should get access to genuine Organic and Natural Grocery and Food products to keep their family and kids away from doctors and hospitals. It’s most important you get access to all information to take an informed decision before you buy any product.

Selected Producers

Every producer & brand we allow at Earthen Store goes through a stringent technical and ethical compliance check. We reject a large number of brands due to ethical issues. Here at Earthen Store you get to know each of the producer well before you vote them with your money.

Safe & Healthy Food

At Earthen Store we select producers and products by looking at the big issues in our current food production and distribution system. Every product at Earthen Store is shipped from the production house to your door step. Buy our selected products only to ensure you get the access to right quality products each time and every time.

Sustainable Farming

Now thousands of farmers across the country are able to produce fruits, vegetables and crops that are safe for consumers, workers, surrounding communities through sustainable farming using only Vermicompost. This is not just food for consumers; even it takes care of the Mother Earth to produce good quality products.

No Chemical Pesticides

Pesticides are among the leading causes of death, self-poisoning and low income farmers in India. There are more than 1000 pesticides used all over the world to protect food from pests and to generate high yield; but unfortunately it is most toxic to human, those who apply it and those who consume the food..

Safe & Healthy Food

Natureland Organics Premium Cow Ghee - 1L

1,075.00 Ex GST: 959.82

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Pay Only 10,000 and Shop for 11,000

10,000.00 Ex GST: 10,000.00

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