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The Earthen Living is a mission-driven company providing 1000+ safe, effective and delightful organic, natural & eco-friendly daily essential products to its customers directly from niche manufacturers & producers through its cutting edge technology driven online marketplace

As a mission-driven company and trusted resource, Earthen Living also provides education, support & inspiration to its community of members & SME entrepreneurs.  


India is still a growth story - a big growth story; even with a conservative GDP increase of 6% to 7% a year, we expect consumption expenditures to rise by a factor of three to reach $4 trillion by 2025. 

Behind the growth headlines is an even more important story: consumer behaviors and spending patterns are shifting as incomes rise and Indian society evolves. We have observed the same pattern in our customer base as well. Those shifts have big implications for how companies position themselves now. 

We closely observed customer’s buying patterns are changing every moment. Customers are more concerned about their families’ health. Even a small promise with a detailed overview of a product over a 60 second call can trigger a sale of Rs. 2000 instantaneously. This observation has opened a new window for us to carry out our marketing. We have uniquely designed CRM system which enabled us to keep one to one relationship with our customers. Every sale we made till date and every product that our partners sold through our platform is reviewed by our customers through our RR (Rate Review) Calling Technique. 


Today’s retail has thousands of brands with misleading advertisements to confuse customers with their buying patterns. However our target customer base (THE ELITES) is aware of the fact and trying to move towards more safe and healthy products. All they want to have access to safe and healthy products with transparent information. We are the first online retail marketplace to address this issue to build a marketplace with selective products and directly working on manufacturers and producers to bring daily essential products to customer door steps. Earthen Store is uniquely designed to give preference to product information in the first place so that the customer knows the products better.

This is no harm to say, we are not a profit driven company yet but looking at long term perspective and projection it is our conscious and deliberate decision not to make profit. In line with our business scale up plan we are moving towards more active marketing participations like ATL & BTL to explore the untapped market potentiality. This initiative will not be successful without your participations. So we are inviting you to leverage our uniquely designed & cost effective marketing activities mentioned below.



Print Media

-   Secured India’s one & only organic magazine September 2019 issue.

-   Secured editorials for media exposure till 2019.

-   Securing more advertorial space with other popular lifestyle magazines.


Ads on

We have 100+ online footfalls at marketplace at any given point of time. There are bunch of option available to fit your requirements.

Option for you to show up.

  • Product Featured in Home page
  • Banner Advertisement in Different place of category
  • Offers and discount at Check out page
  • Article Posting on Blog

Initiative taken on Office/Housing KIOSK

In order to increase potential customer base we setup Smart KIOSK at offices on week days and in housing complexes during weekends at different cities are different point of time. 


-   New customer acquisition & sale

-   Brand awareness & Product showcase

-   Sampling, Free Sampling, Spot Selling

-   Targeting a niche customer base of 20,000+

Socializing the company and organic brands available at Earthen Store online marketplace and their products.

Option for you to show up

Your participation will give you an access to geo location based market analytics and customer behavior pattern across India to make your future production plan.

  • Sampling for customer experience
  • Sampling distribution
  • Sale of product with SAR model
  • Distribution of catalogs
  • Special discount
  • Placing Standees
  • Prize sponsorship of the events and lucky draw.


We invite you to participate in the above marketing activities to be mutually benefited. Our core intention and effort is to provide you a genuine customer base by converting the non-organic consumers to organic customers by transforming their lives with essential lifecycle products at their finger tips with affordable pricing. That’s not all; we have whole bunch of new services coming forth in approaching months to optimize the cost and pre book the household consumption of our repeated customers with preferred products on a regular frequency to deliver in one short. We will keep you posted about our developments.

Contact us for pricing and other details

Email: i n f o @ e a r t h e n l i v i n g . i n | Mobile: +91.9 8  8 6 5 9 6 3 2 7 | Contact Person: Mr. Saikat Mitra