About Earthen Store

The Journey Begins

A journey towards a better tomorrow


For Human

Harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in almost every product that human uses or consumes. Earthen Living is changing your experience by building an eco-system by bringing Conscious Consumers and Ethical Products in one place.

By Human

Every time you shop, you give your vote and support to others for a positive impact. At Earthen Living we oppose large automated factory production and we support for handmade and labour intensive work to improve social and economical conditions.


From Earth

We believe Mother Earth has given everything to live naturally. Why to spoil those adding harmful chemicals & pesticides? It is not only the human and other living entities but also managing our own mother Earth to a great scale.

For Earth

A constant burden on Earth was left unnoticed, but not any more. We must pay attention to your purchase and cast your vote and support for ethical products, produced by sustainable process. As a consumer a small change in your spending power can bring a big change tomorrow.

The Path

A look into the last few years and the Obstacles that we've defeated

The Values

Revolutionary company, old-fashioned values

Honesty We insist on truthfulness with our customers and with our sellers.
Integrity We act in accordance with our values, even when it is difficult.
Inclusion We encourage collaboration and active involvement of all associates.
Respect We treat all with dignity & value opinions and perspectives of others.

The Organic Community

We are growing. Come join us