• Wooden Baby Feeding Spoons - Set of 6

This is one eco-friendly & 100% natural ‘Wooden Baby Feeding Spoon Set’ made from natural Mahogany wood. This beautiful wooden baby spoon is a wonderful way to introduce your child to eat solid food. This spoon is devoid of any type of artificial colour and added chemicals & is a healthy alternative to cheap plastic spoons.

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It is hard to feed a baby and it is harder to find non toxic utensils while feeding the baby. Generally the bowl, spoon etc are made with metal or plastic; however they can emit metal with the scratch of spoon and bowl. Wood is always a safe and healthy choice to feed your baby. Earthen Store introduces wooden baby feeding spoons to reduce the toxicity from your baby’s life. Buy this handmade artefact and encourage that local artisan who has made this. If you have already bought this product please don’t forget to add your review; your review will help other customers to find the product and will help that artisan to be motivated.

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  • Benefits

    • Why Buy: This handcrafted baby spoon is made from only wood and doesn’t have any plastic or toxic material. This is soft too to feed your baby. This wooden spoon will not release any toxic material to the bowl or to the mouth of your baby. It is soft too for the soft gum of the toddlers.
  • Assurances

    • Working Condition: The clean and hygienic condition is always maintained at the workplace.
    • Child Labour: The production house strictly does not use child labour in any phase of production.
    • Fair Wage Practices : The product is made using fair wage practice for all artisans. And effort is made to increase income of per head for their better life.
    • Handmade: This wooden spoon is 100% handmade.
  • History

    • Crafts History: Since the prehistoric times, need for preservation and advancement has been felt by human. It has brought creation of many new tools making life easy and productive. Eating utensils are one of them. Then came the wooden, safe handmade spoons that enabled us to better prepare, serve and eat food. Wooden utensils have become very popular as they have some healthy benefits. The spoons are acceptable as they are smoother than their metal counterparts.
    • Material(s) Used: Mahogany Wood (Swietenia macrophylla)
    • Source Location: South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India
  • Producer

    • Craftsman: Mosaraf Sardar
    • Location: Earthen Crafts, West Bengal, India
    • Years in Crafts: 20 years
    • Craftsman's Life: Mosaraf Sardar is one 50 years old wood artisan. He learnt this craft in his early age. Then he opened one small workshop in his house to make basic wooden articles used in day to day life. He has appointed some artisans in that workshop to help him in this activity. He has confirmed earning for his family and for those artisans too.
  • Traceability

    • Raw Materials: All raw materials are collected from local market in ethical manner.
    • Processing: Seasoning of the wood is the most important aspect in the whole process. If wood is not seasoned properly, artisans will find it difficult to make the crafts as it might break in pressure. It might take 30 days to 6 months to season the raw wood. Once wood is seasoned then it is cut into desired pieces; based on the craft article to build. Each piece of raw seasoned wood is given a rough shape using hammer and various chisels. Using motor power wheel and sand paper artisans bring the right shape and size of the wooden spoons. Once it is smooth, a cotton threaded wheel is used to polish the spoon. This is the final stage to bring the shiny and glossy finish. Sometimes natural bee-wax is also used to bring the shiny look.
    • Quality Control: It is the uttermost priority to make sure every product delivered is what it is shown and the same is sold. There are 5 levels of manual and stringent quality control process to be followed to ensure that the right product is delivered.
  • Specifications

    • Type/Category: Baby Accessories
    • Size: 130 x 30 x 8 mm
    • Color: Natural Wooden Colour
    • Wash Instruction: Remove the dust with a light brush. If it is extremely dirty you can wash the spoons with light detergent or soap. Use one soft cotton cloth to make it dry.
  • Addl. Info.

    • Notice: The representation of the product in the image may slightly vary from actual in color. It is understood that each craftsman use their hands and skills to develop each of the products. 100% symmetric product is not possible. Each of the craft art is unique by its shape, size, color and weight. However it feels the same.
    • Cancellations: It generally takes 1-2 days for a product to be dispatched to courier house for delivery. If the cancellation request is done before the product is dispatched to shipping partner, then cancellation is possible. However no cancellation is possible after the product is out for delivery.
    • Packaging: Recycled Corrugated Box, Handloom Cotton Cloth, Recycled Paper Boxes, Plant Leaf Boxes, Waste Material Boxes, Recycled Cardboard Boxes and sometime we use bubble wrapper too for highly fragile goods.
    • Shipping & Delivery: All products are shipped via FedEx Express Service, FedEx Priority Service, DTDC Courier Service and if the delivery location is beyond the reach of FedEx and DTDC then we send via Indian Post to delivery any product to last mile.
    • Return Allowed: No return is allowed unless a wrong product is delivered.
    • Bulk Order: For bulk order and quotation contact care@earthenstore.com

Wooden Baby Feeding Spoons - Set of 6

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