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Reach your customers who are viewing and purchasing organic, natural and eco-friendly products from We help all our sellers to track and improve their advertisements to reach to end customers and increase the sales. Following are the advertisement models currently offered by us. 

Cost Per Purchase

We charge every time when a visitor makes a transaction or purchases your product through an internal or external advertisement campaign. These conversions are reported to you every month in the sales report.  We charge a minor fee for each conversion. 

Cost Per Centum (Cost per Hundred Impression)

We charge per hundred impressions. It is one of the most popular models among medium-to-large publishers. Advertisers do not have to worry about inflated clicks in the CPC model.

Flat Rates

The seller pays a fixed price to display an ad for a period of time (generally a calendar month). It is the simplest model with very predictable earnings/expenses. We present ad metrics (page views, audience reports, CTRs) to you every month and you consider the pros and cons and make a decision to purchase an ad space for a period of time, often one calendar month at a time. Rates depend on the expected traffic, ad placement location, ad dimension/size, and length of contract.

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