About Us

If you really think about it, it's pretty weird that we pay for our basics and then we pay for the blood. It's even weirder that companies add chemicals and pesticides in our basic necessities that come from our own Earth and they make billions of dollars. On the other side, irrespective of laws, regulations and compliance our Earth is dying because of ill practices of producing goods to fulfill human necessities. Day by day our necessities become overpriced commodities and are damaging humanity.


Earthen Living is trying to make thing simple for you. We help each one of you to try practicing natural lifestyle. When you practice you own good, chances are you will try more. Our lifestyle online retail store is aimed to provide you all possible products from across India to help you leave a natural life. We call it Earthen Living. We started the journey in 2013. The company is incorporated in the year 2014, with a clear vision and mission.


The store connects our customers directly with the organic players and producers. Story does not end there. Along with the product we help you to know who the product is being manufactured or cultivated. To know more about us, please follow us on the social media.


We decided to make it simple and to run three major verticals of product categories.

The categories are

(1) Food and Beverages,

(2) Fashion and Apparels and

(3) Home Decor and Lifestyle.